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1. If your Device is collected for repair, it should take 24 hrs for it to be repaired. It could take longer depending on delays on parts approval and/ or parts procurement.

2. If gadget requires a part replacement, part cost will be bear by the customer. Our customer service team will call you exclusively to take your kind approval before we replace any parts.

3. In case the gadget is given with NO POWER/NO DISPLAY/ completely non- functional, only post our through check-up, we will be able to revert with exact diagnosis and list of parts gone bad. We follow a decision tree approach to repair the problem, thus it could be quite possible that we may call you more than once to seek a revised approval of additional parts.

4. The repair/ workmanship warranty stands for 30 days, provided gadget is not treated/opened/managed by any other vendor, post our last repair. Replaced parts warranty is separate but is still subject to the above mentioned clause. Warranty is provided for the same repair & fault. In any physically damaged gadget or gadgets with identified hardware damages, it is quite possible that any part which is intermittently working can potentially completely stop functioning, while we are in the process of diagnosing and resolving the reported issue/s. In such scenario, Digicom will not be held liable for returning the gadget in the exact (pre-received) partial working condition, although we do not interfere with working of parts which have not been reported as faulty by customer, we will ensure that you are informed about upcoming issues if we discover them.

5. In case the customer’s device is brought to our repair center and the customer denies/does not approve repair charge and requests return of the device, we would charge INR 99.00 as our diagnose / logistics charge. In case customer has provided the approval, and we are unable to source the part or not being able to repair, we return the gadget with complete amount without any deduction.

6. Digicom guarantees 100 % data security however, due to the nature of our service, no data loss and 100% data recovery is not guaranteed.

7. Customers have to pay our visit charges of INR 99.00 during our warranty period as per company policy.
Digicom request to all its customer to fully ensure and sign the quality check sheet before giving & taking handover of his/her device at the time of pickup & drop, any problems unrelated to our repair will not be our responsibility post customer’s acceptance of the repaired device .

8. These terms & condition are subject to change, Digicom reserves the rights to update or amend these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice

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